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Negligent Security or Inadequate Security

A victim may have a negligent security case against a business or property owner if it can be proven that there was a history of security concerns that were not properly addressed by the business or property owner, and as a result, someone was injured or sustained other damages.  Negligent security claims can arise at retail stores, malls, nightclubs/bars, apartment complexes, and the workplace, just to name a few examples.  Our North Carolina injury attorney has extensive experience pursuing negligent security claims and using this experience to our clients’ advantage when advocating for them in settlement conferences, hearings, and at trial.

Being the victim in a negligent security case generally means being victimized twice: for one, you are the victim of a crime, and secondly, you are victimized by a business or property owner who failed to take proper measures to ensure your safety and the safety of others who visited the property despite knowing of security concerns.   Our skilled personal injury lawyer understands the overlap of the corresponding criminal and civil cases, and knows how to turn over every stone to build evidence in your case.  Evidence that will show a history of criminal activity, a need for attention to ensure safety, a lack of effort to make the area safer, and damages or injury as a result.  What is truly disheartening in negligent security, premises liability cases is that generally, the entire incident could have been prevented had proper security measures been in place.  Proper security measures include, but are in no way limited to: adequate lighting, secure locks, self-locking doors, enough security guards, better trained security personnel, warning of known criminal activity, etc.

With over 40 years of legal experience in the area of premises liability and negligent security, lawyer Robert Rouse has the knowledge to handle cases where victims were raped, assaulted, mugged, robbed, and even murdered as a result of a business owner or property owner failing to take proper precautions to ensure safety.  Issues to explore are largely dependent on when, where, and how the incident occurred, and having an experienced negligent security attorney investigating the issues is critical in order to prove negligence and recover the maximum compensation allowed by law.  Our North Carolina inadequate security attorney will work quickly to obtain video security footage, incident reports, witness statements, photographs of the scene, and all other evidence that can help to win your case.  Additionally, our personal injury lawyer knows what issues will be critical in proving your case and ultimately recovering compensation for our clients, whether it a settlement conference or at trial.

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