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Golf Cart Accidents/ATV Accidents/Go-Kart Accident/Four Wheeler Accident

Golf carts and ATVs are common sights in North Carolina.  In the rural areas of the eastern part of the state, ATV’s, four wheelers and go-karts are a common sight, particularly with teens and young adults.  In neighborhoods and suburban developments, golf carts provide an easy means of transportation.  It used to be that golf carts ran very slowly and were used only on golf courses or in golfing communities.  However, as technology has improved, golf carts are now used for transportation in many different areas and can travel as high as 25 MPH. In addition to golf carts being more common and traveling at higher speeds, other all-terrain vehicles like ATV’s are also becoming more common.

With the increased use of golf carts, four wheelers, go-karts and dirt bikes comes increased opportunity for injuries.  Many times the injuries are serious as these vehicles do not have seat belts or passengers do not use seatbelts that may be available.  Further, inexperienced or young drivers behind the wheel or drivers who have been drinking or are drunk can contribute to accidents and injuries.  Many golf cart and ATV accidents also involve children and generally a child falls out or is thrown from the golf cart or ATV in an accident.  Sadly, horrific and life changing accidents can occur on ATV’s, golf carts, and four wheelers.  Accident victims are often left with broken bones, scarring, neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even head injuries and concussions.

Due to unique insurance issues that apply to these types of accidents, it is critical for you to have an experienced attorney if you or a loved one has been injured following a golf cart, ATV, or four wheeler accident. Every aspect of the case will need to be evaluated thoroughly to determine the cause of the accident – whether a defect with the product itself, a negligent driver, or some other issue giving rise to liability.  After evaluating liability, insurance issues then need to be examined to find all applicable insurance coverage for damages.  Since ATV’s, golf carts, and other “off road” vehicles do not generally carry insurance and drivers are often not licensed, our attorneys examine what other types of insurance policies may provide coverage for damages.  If there is no insurance available, we then examine whether personal assets of a defendant may provide compensation for a loss.  We thoroughly investigate all aspects of these claims to answer why an accident happened, who is responsible, and how we can recover damages on behalf of an accident victim.

At the Law Offices of Robert D. Rouse, III, we have over 40 years of experience representing injury victims including those injured in golf cart accidents, ATV accidents, dirt bike wrecks, and go-kart accidents.  These can be very difficult cases to investigate and to pursue, but we have done it successfully time and time again.  It cost you nothing to see if we can help.  Contact our office today to schedule your free, no obligation consultation in the Greenville or Morehead City areas.  We assist clients in Pitt County and Carteret County and all surrounding areas throughout North Carolina.  Tell us about your case and we will tell you if we can help.  If we make the decision to work together, we assure you that we will pursue every avenue of recovery to get you the maximum compensation possible.
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