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Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

Being attacked by a dog or other animal can be one of the scariest experiences of someone’s life in addition to potentially causing serious injuries and sometimes death.  Sadly, the mental scars of such a vicious attack are just as bad if not worse than the physical scars.  Our attorney and staff love animals.  However, they have no tolerance for irresponsible owners who allow their vicious animals to attack innocent people.

A victim of an animal attack who decides to take legal action can protect others from a dangerous animal or an animal’s owner who is not responsibly confining a pet.  In many cases, victims are attacked by a dog or other animal that is owned by a neighbor or acquaintance which causes them to hesitate when pursuing legal action.  If you have been injured by a dog bite or other animal attack, making a claim for your injuries can not only allow you to get fair compensation for your injuries, but it can prevent others from being attacked by the same animal.

North Carolina and its various towns and cities have rules, laws, and regulations intended to protect people from animal attacks.  Many people are familiar with these when they are referred to as “leash laws” requiring that animals be properly confined either on a leash or in someone’s yard at all times.  North Carolina is not, however, a strict liability state for domestic animals (cats and dogs, for example).  What this means is that just because you were attacked or bitten by a dog or cat does not necessarily mean that the owner was negligent and is therefore liable for your injuries.  Liability must be proven by the victim of the dog bite or animal attack.  Because of this, the lawyer you hire needs to have experience with proving and winning dog bite cases and animal attack cases.

The issues in dog bites and animal attack cases are complex, particularly when determining liability or fault, insurance coverage, and damages.  Our firm has represented clients who have suffered devastating injuries that could have been prevented if the dog owner had taken proper measures to make sure the animal was properly confined.  We have successfully handled cases involving a pit bull attack that led to catastrophic injuries to a college student’s arm requiring multiple surgeries; a pit bull who severely bit an elderly gentleman’s face leading to significant scarring; puncture wounds to the buttocks of a woman by a mixed breed dog which led to her being unable to sit for work; and a gentleman who needed knee surgery after a rambunctious weimaraner mowed him over while doing work at someone’s house.   These are just a sampling of the dog bite cases we have handled.  In all of these instances, we were able to successfully resolve the claims without going to court in favor of our clients.

The Law Offices of Robert D. Rouse, III, have assisted victims of very serious dog bites and attacks by other animals, many of whom have significant scarring that serves as a daily reminder of the horrific attack.  From proving ownership of the animal, to locating potential insurance to pay for damages, to establishing injuries and placing a value on them, we are experienced at handing these claims in order to recover fair compensation for our clients and protect others from potentially becoming a victim of a dangerous animal.  If you have been the victim of a dog bite or other animal attack, contact Attorney Robert Rouse to learn more about your rights after a dog attack and what compensation you may be entitled to. The no-obligation consultation will be with an experienced dog bite attorney and is free of charge. We serve all of North Carolina, with offices in Pitt County and Carteret County.

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