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Storm Damage

North Carolina is no stranger to storms.  From hurricanes, to tornadoes, to snow and ice storms, hail, high winds, tropical storms, flooding and everything in between, North Carolina sees its share of inclement weather.  Most homeowners and business owners carry insurance to cover them in the event that they sustain property damage in a storm.  Hopefully when an insured makes a valid claim to the insurance company, the company will pay the amount it is responsible for so that necessary repairs can be made.  But what happens when that doesn’t happen? What happens when you have a valid claim and your insurance company won’t pay, delays paying, or offers to pay significantly less than they are responsible for? What happens if your property is damaged by someone else during a storm and their insurance company won’t pay? What happens when you pay a business to make necessary repairs following a storm and those repairs aren’t performed or aren’t done in a satisfactory manner? If you’ve been the victim of property damage or other loss following a hurricane, tornado, tropical storm, or other weather event and cannot get your insurance company or other at fault party to pay a fair amount for the damage, you should contact our office to see if we can help.  The storm damage and property damage attorney at the Law Offices of Robert D. Rouse, III, has negotiated many storm damage claims successfully recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for victims of storms.

We understand first-hand how difficult it is to pick up the pieces of your life after a storm.  Many members of our firm have personally experienced property damage to our homes and property following hurricanes and tropical storms.  Past clients have often remarked that they were concerned hiring an attorney will slow down their claim and further delay repairs.  Generally, just the opposite is true, particularly if you hire an aggressive attorney who is skilled at negotiating with insurance companies.  Robert Rouse will get your storm damage claim handled as quickly as possible to get you fair compensation and back into your home or business following storm damage.

After a storm or significant weather event, a lot of people have property damage claims.  Insurance companies generally make low offers to try to close as many of those claims as possible or, they delay in making an offer giving various excuses and blaming others for the delay.  If your home, business, or personal property is ravaged by a storm, you stand to become a victim again if you do not consult with a lawyer regarding the value of your claim and moving the repairs along as quickly as possible.  No one wants to be uprooted or displaced longer than what is absolutely necessary.  We understand this and approach all storm North Carolina storm damage claims with that in mind.

If you are a victim of property damage following a hurricane or other storm, contact our office for a free, no obligation consultation.  We generally handle these claims on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no attorneys’ fees out of pocket, and we only receive a fee if we win your case.  We handle cases in which victims are pursuing storm damage claims against their own insurance company as well as claims against a third party.   For example, we recently handled a case where boats broke free during a storm destroying a client’s dock.  The insurance companies for all boat owners denied the claim.  Our office was able to recover full payment to make repairs to our client’s property.

Do not be a victim twice.  Contact one of our offices in Greenville or Morehead City to discuss your North Carolina storm damage claim with an experienced lawyer.

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