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At Law Offices of Robert D. Rouse, III, PLLC, we are extremely proud that we have been able to help so many victims and families who have been injured by others. The settlements and verdicts below represent just a small sampling of the cases we have successfully settled or tried on behalf of our clients. All reported cases were contested and all were collected. The defendant in each case was represented by counsel.

Traumatic Brain Injury From Head-On Collision

A husband and father in his 50’s was driving his work vehicle when an oncoming pick-up truck crossed the center line hitting him head-on. Our client was flown to the nearest trauma center where he was ultimately diagnosed with multiple injuries including a traumatic head injury that had devastating effects on his short-term memory. The Defendant attempted to allege that our client was negligent, or that he assumed the risk of injury because his vehicle did not have a functioning airbag. The attorneys at Law Offices of Robert D. Rouse, III, PLLC were able to successfully argue those defenses were without merit. A mediated settlement agreement was reached for $1.175 million on the liability claim. An additional settlement of approximately $300,000.00 was reached on the workers compensation claim with a waiver of subrogation against any proceeds received from the liability claim.

Wrongful Death from T-Bone Collision With City Van

A city transport van made a left turn directly into the path of our client. The attorneys at Law Offices of Robert D. Rouse, III, PLLC immediately began securing crash analysis expert witnesses to eliminate the defense that our client was traveling at an excessive speed in heavy fog and was therefore contributory negligent in causing his injuries. Our client was in his 70’s and was being treated for end stage renal failure. He sustained a head injury in the crash and passed away 28 days after the collision. He was survived by his wife and six children from a prior marriage. The claim settled for $600,000.00.

Trip-and-Fall on Beach Boardwalk

A marathon runner went out for a beach run, crossing over the beach access walkway she used almost every day. At the top of the walkway, her foot caught on an exposed nail, causing her to fall down a flight of steps. She lost consciousness and broke her arm, subsequently developing life threatening infections which required over a dozen surgeries to save her arm and her life. The beach town, who was responsible for maintaining the beach boardwalks, denied all negligence and alleged that our client was negligent for not maintaining a proper lookout, since she crossed the boardwalk daily and had seen many popped nails there in the past. An allegation of contributory negligence is a complete bar to recovery in North Carolina, and the Defendants had evidence that certainly could have convinced a jury to not return a favorable verdict for our client since she was on notice of the nail pops. Despite these facts, our attorneys were able to reach a mediated settlement for $300,000.00.

Fire Claim in Downtown Commercial Buildings

A Halloween fire in an adjoining property caused significant smoke and water damage to our client’s lady’s boutique store. Our client’s insurance company prepared an estimate for repairs and recommended a company to do the work, who our client subsequently hired. Despite the fact that there was ongoing water intrusion from the neighboring property, which was unknown to our client but should have been discovered by the insurance company or construction company during their inspections, the construction company came in and performed repairs and demanded payment for their work, all of which would have to be redone due to high moisture levels in the building. At the conclusion of the work, our client refused to sign off on the work and instead contacted our office for legal help. We hired expert witnesses who determined that the estimate was woefully inadequate to repair the building in its current condition; the work performed by the construction company was woefully inadequate and poorly done; and that toxic mold had developed due to the ongoing water intrusion, leading to significantly higher costs of repair. Our client’s insurance company refused to pay any additional money, instead blaming the neighboring property owner. Suit was filed against the insurance company, the neighboring property owner, and the construction company. A confidential settlement was reached at mediation, with our client very pleased with the outcome.

Motorcycle Cement Truck Collision

An eighteen year old East Carolina University student suffered a traumatic brain injury when a cement truck turned in front of him as he was riding his motorcycle to class. The case settled at mediation for $1 million, a portion of which was structured to provide ongoing income for life.

Collision with Logging Equipment in Roadway

A middle aged woman suffered a broken hip when she was driving home at dusk on a rural highway and ran into logging equipment that had been backed out across the roadway with no lighting. The insurance company for the logging company denied coverage, denied liability, and ultimately denied the claim. The case proceeded to trial where the logging company settled for $1 million at jury selection.

Traumatic Brain Injury from Golf Cart Accident

A five year old boy suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was run over by his 13 year old cousin while riding on a golf cart with other kids on his father’s property. The case settled at mediation with a structured settlement to the five year old boy for the guaranteed payout of $1.5 million.

Tractor Trailer Collides with Highway Mower

A forty five year old single father of three sons was rendered a quadriplegic when he was struck by a tractor trailer truck while operating a tractor mower on the side of the highway. The trucking company paid its $2 million policy limits for liability. Workers compensation provides continuing coverage and is projected to meet or exceed an additional $4.5 million in benefits.

Tractor Trailer Collision Resulting in Wrongful Death

A 50 year old male painter was killed when a tractor trailer truck failed to stop for a red light. The decedent left a spouse and two children. The case settled for over $900,000.00.

Fire Insurance Claim

Restaurant owner recovered full policy limits at trial after insurance company denied coverage.

Dog Attack

A community college student was attacked by a pit bull outside of her apartment complex while walking her small dogs. The attack required multiple surgeries and skin grafting to her non-dominant arm and ultimately left her with permanent scarring and some loss of feeling and sensation in her arm. The case settled prior to a lawsuit being filed for $350,000.00. It should be noted that the insurance company initially tried to deny that the pit bull was owned by their insured, but ultimately admitted liability after documents and other evidence was produced by Rouse Law attorneys which proved ownership of the dog.

DISCLAIMER: Each individual case is unique with its own set of facts and complexities. These reported cases cannot be used as a basis for predicting results in future cases because each case must be evaluated and judged on its own particular set of facts and circumstances.

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