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Property Damage Claims (Unrelated to Motor Vehicle Accidents)

A property damage claim can arise in many different ways for North Carolina property owners.  The damage may be to personal property –such as a boat, recreational vehicle, car, jewelry, or other valuables.  Or, the property damage may be to real property – like your home or business.  The damage may be as the result of “acts of God”, which would include hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, tropical storms, and other weather events; or it may be caused by an accident, a fire, a construction defect, or someone intentionally damaging your property.  Regardless of the cause of property damage, North Carolina property owners do not have to navigate these complex claims alone.  Our experienced property damage attorneys have unparalleled experience in pursing these cases and getting victims of property damage the recovery that they are entitled to under North Carolina law.  With a combined over 40 years of courtroom experience, you can rest assured that our lawyers will pursue your property damage case with the expertise needed to secure a successful outcome.

Regardless of the cause of your property damage, it is important to move quickly and efficiently to mitigate further damages and get the property replaced or repaired.  North Carolina law requires mitigation of damages, which is essentially a requirement for the party who has suffered a loss to take reasonable measures to prevent any further damage or additional loss.  For example, if property is used for generating revenue – such as the business structure itself or property used by the business - every day it cannot be used means additional lost profits for a business.  If there is a fire at your business, but there is an empty property next door that can you can reasonably temporarily set up shop in so that you can continue to generate revenue, then the law would indicate that this is reasonable and prudent and mitigates (or lessens) your damages.

Because of the mounting damages that generally occur from property damage claims, attorney Robert Rouse and his staff move quickly to get to the source of the damage, identify responsible parties, hire experts that are needed to prove our case, and move forward with getting a claim resolved.  Our office will help coordinate appraisals with the property insurance company or insurance companies and will stay in constant communication with the at-fault parties or their insurance companies so they know someone is aggressively fighting for the victim of the property damage.  We will also help to ensure the parties who have suffered property damage losses do what the law requires to mitigate their damages so that they can recover the full amount due to them either through a settlement with the other party or at trial.

As a dedicated and experienced North Carolina property damage lawyer, attorney Robert Rouse is available to meet with you in Greenville or Morehead City and is ready to assist you with your property damage claim.  If we are unable to get your case amicably resolved with the at-fault party or parties, attorney Robert Rouse is ready, willing, and able to take your case to court.  Indeed, we prepare every case like it is going to court to ensure that every step is taken to gather all necessary evidence to prove your damages to a judge or jury.  Contact our office for a free, no obligation consultation today.  We handle claims throughout North Carolina and our property damage attorney has offices in Carteret County and Pitt County.

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