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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can lead to some of the most devastating and severe injuries of any roadway crash due to the motorcycle rider having little protection from other traffic and the road.  Generally, the biker’s entire body is exposed and the only protection he has is from a helmet.  Motorcycles also travel at high rates of speed, which can increase the likelihood of serious injuries in the event of a crash.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists’ risk of a fatal crash is 35 times greater than a passenger car.  This is a scary and alarming statistic, and if you are in a crash on a motorcycle or lose a loved one in a motorcycle accident, you will likely need an experienced attorney to help you navigate your claim.

Motorcycle accidents can be very difficult claims to pursue because of the attitude that many people have towards motorcyclists on the road.  Sadly, jury pools often carry those same attitudes and biases, and in the event your case goes to trial, careful attention must be paid to educating the jury about motorcycle riders and North Carolina motorcycle laws.  This is where it is extremely important when hiring a lawyer to handle your claim, that your attorney be an experienced trial lawyer.  Making a claim for your motorcycle accident does not necessarily mean that your case will go to court, but generally, you are more likely to settle your claim for the highest dollar amount possible if the insurance company and the defense attorney know that your lawyer is willing to take your case to court to fight for your rights.

Many of the cases our firm handles involving motorcycle accidents occur because other motorists simply do not see the motorcycle rider that they struck.  Sadly, this all too often is the case because drivers do not pay close enough attention or are distracted and aren’t on the lookout for motorcycle riders.  When cars or trucks on the road don’t look out for motorcycles or disregard them when driving, the results can be tragic.  If you have suffered personal injury or if a loved one has been killed in a motorcycle accident, you will want an experienced attorney who has successfully advocated for motorcycle accident victims.

At the Law Offices of Robert D. Rouse, III, motorcycle accident attorney Robert Rouse has recovered millions of dollars for victims of motorcycle crashes.  Due to the seriousness of the types of injuries we generally see in these types of cases, we have also assisted families with getting guardians appointed and estates opened if a loved one is killed or has suffered such a severe and incapacitating injuries that he cannot make informed decisions.  We understand the difficulty that families face after a motorcycle accident, and we do everything we can to ease some of those difficulties.  Our skill and experience has allowed us to assist motorcycle accident victims with getting the financial recovery they need and deserve.  Our clients often remark at how much they enjoyed working with us, despite the tragic circumstances that caused them to pick up the phone and call our office.  We want to help you and your family and make your legal claim as easy for you as possible.  We are truly committed to helping our clients in their times of greatest need.

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed, contact our experienced motorcycle accident lawyer today for a free, no obligation consultation.  We have offices in Greenville and Morehead City.  If due to your injuries from an accident, you cannot come to our office for a consultation, a lawyer will meet with you at your home, at the hospital, or at a convenient and comfortable location for you

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